Jewellery Designer & Manufacturer

Jewellery manufacture is truly my passion in life. Clients regularly ask me; “Why jewellery?”. My answer is plain and simple, “because jewellery has been important to me from the start”. And by “the start” I don’t mean my adult life, I mean my entire life. My passion for jewellery started way before I can remember. Before primary school, I was always wearing some type of adornment being it jewellery, a belt, my Mom’s high heels or a trendy handbag from the 80’s.

As my independence and personality grew so did my choice in garnish. My mom tried her best to prepare me for primary school saying: “Remember Dear, you can’t wear all your jewellery to school”. It was difficult, but I understood what she meant, not all my jewellery. So, on my first day of school photo, I can be seen sporting a yellow Mickey Mouse watch, two bracelets and a silver ring. I felt very naked that day. For the first year or two, teachers tried their utmost to prohibit me from wearing jewellery. But alas, they gave up eventually. The same applied to High School.


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