Garniche is a portmanteau or linguistic blend word, which consists of the words Garnish; “meaning to decorate, embellish or adorn something” and Niche; “a place or situation where one fits in and feels comfortable”. Jewellery is the garnish of an outfit, without it you will seem bland and plain, but with it you can add excitement, intrigue and elegance.

Custom designed and
manufactured collections

Welcome, to Garniche’s custom designed and manufactured collections page. The idea behind my collections are to enable individuals from all walks of life to find their perfect piece of garnish. 

As a custom jewellery designer, I won’t say that I have one definable style. What I love most about life is the diversity between humans, their preferences and styles. My aim is to supply each and every human with a unique, high quality, handmade jewellery piece that will fit their personality and lifestyle.

Collections include; the dramatic simplicity of geometric shapes and lines, the magical charm of nature inspired jewellery pieces and the use of shape, colour and stones to portray the mysteries of the universe or the glory of precious and semi-precious stones.


This might all sound very intriguing but you might be from the other spectrum of life. Don’t be mistaken, Garniche has a freak flag too and is not afraid to fly it full staff. From cat ladies to fantasy fanatics Garniche Jewellery Design has it all.

Products within the collections include; sterling silver rings, sterling silver pendants, sterling silver bracelets, sterling silver bangles, sterling silver cufflinks and sterling silver lapel pins. Other metals include gold, platinum, palladium, titanium, stainless steel and tempered steel. Semi-precious stones may include amber, moonstones, amethyst, citrine, onyx, tanzanite, turquoise and peridot to name a few.

Don’t forget I offer a custom jewellery design service. Fill out the contact form if you have something specific in mind.