Garniche is a portmanteau or linguistic blend word, which consists of the words Garnish; “meaning to decorate, embellish or adorn something” and Niche; “a place or situation where one fits in and feels comfortable”. Jewellery is the garnish of an outfit, without it you will seem bland and plain, but with it you can add excitement, intrigue and elegance.

Jewellery has been important
from the start

Garniche is a custom jewellery design & manufacture studio in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. My goal is to supply clients of all walks of life. 

As an individual, I don’t have one definable style. The world is filled with diversity, in shape, colour, texture and feel. So why should we settle for one specific style? Why can’t we be simplistic and elegant today and boho chic tomorrow?

Garniche’s goal is to broaden the minds of jewellery wearers everywhere. To show them the possibilities of a well planned jewellery combo and most of all to supply each and every client with high quality sterling silver jewellery pieces that will last a lifetime. 

All jewellery pieces are handmade locally in South Africa. Each items is unique and may differ slightly from the image supplied, but rest assured that quality is my number 1 concern and you will not be disappointed. 

Garniche has a jewellery piece for every event. Browse the occasion section for 925 sterling silver jewellery gifts and accessories. Nail the perfect outfit with a sterling silver jewellery piece from our collections section. Or go at it old school and browse by theme. Shop online for jewellery in 925 sterling silver, brass, copper, gold and titanium. Choose between a wide variety of jewellery available for both men, women and children. These items include; 925 sterling silver rings, 925 sterling silver bracelets, 925 sterling silver bangles, 925 sterling silver pendants, 925 sterling silver cufflinks and 925 sterling silver lapel pins.



I have found that mens jewellery in South Africa is very limited and unexciting. Thus I have decided to add a wider more intriguing variety of mens rings, mens cufflinks and mens lapel pins in sterling silver, titanium and even tempered steel to my store. My goal is to grow my mens jewellery collection so that it becomes the one-stop online jewellery shop for men in South Africa.

I haven’t forgotten about the kids. Check out our kids section for funky, yet elegant 925 sterling silver kids jewellery. Items are made entirely of 925 sterling silver, unless stated otherwise.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, don’t forget I offer a custom design option where I can design and manufacture a wedding ring or any other jewellery piece to your specifications and needs in sterling silver, gold, platinum, palladium and titanium. Complete my contact form to request a quote.

Garniche is 100% an online store. We ship overnight to all main centres in South Africa. The centres include; Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein, East London, Port Elizabeth, Plettenberg Bay and any other major region within South Africa. 

For international orders, please request a quote via my contact form.